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Brian Zimbelman's ADN Nursing Program Website Welcomes You!


During my time here at WNMU, I've developed a lot of study aids for the pre-reqs and the Nursing program classes. I have collected them here as well as some comments and suggestions in an effort to help others who are working their way through the nursing program as I and those I have known are or have.

Hopefully this information will be of help to you as it was to me and my friends. As always, there is no guarantee that this material is (or was) accurate. I was able to get high grades with this material, so it shouldn't be too far off, but things change over time.

There are a number of rumors about the program that float around WNMU. I would strongly suggest that you checkout these rumors from someone official (not me, I'm just a student) before you get too concerned about it, and I'd also suggest you don't spread these rumors until you know for sure that they are true.

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