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Anatomy & Physiology I Study Tools


I created several helpful tools for A&P I. I cannot recommend strongly enough how important I believe A&P is for you to understand to do well in the nursing program. The material you cover in nursing school will all depend on you having a firm foundation in this material. Without it you will not understand or be able to assimilate the material that you are taught in those classes and you will be swamped.

As with any class the professor (Jeff Hill in this case) will make changes to the class syllabus. However, much of the material will be the same from year to year so these study guides and the other study tools on this site will be extremely helpful in providing you with the basic understanding you will need to be able to both get 'A's in these classes and to build upon this knowledge in your future studies.

Exam 1

This exam covers the basics. The core chemistry you will need to know to understand the physiology, the scientific process, the basics of the cell, and general medical/biological terms you will need to know throughout your career.
Body Locations Body Locations Body Locations
Root Words Root Words Root Words
Chemistry Review Chemistry Review Chemistry Review
Cell Structure Cell Structure Cell Structure

Exam 2

This exam starts the heart of the material. DNA, Meiosis, Mitosis, membranes and transport mechanisms as well as the integument (skin) is all covered in this exam.

More M&M More M&M More M&M
Tissue Terms Tissue Terms Tissue Terms

Exam 3

The third exam covers bones and muscles. There are three different sets of mix and match crosswords.

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