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Supplies needed:

  1. wheelchair
  2. gait belt


  1. Knock, greet resident by name and introduce self and title. Explain intended procedure and ask permission.
  2. Excuse self to wash hands and gather supplies. Give call button.
  3. Simulate hand wash and gather supplies
  4. Knock, greet resident by name
  5. place wheel chair parallel/or barely angled to bed, lock wheels, remove foot plates or swing away
  7. lower bed to lowest position and assist patient to dangling position - verbalize comfort, 'not dizzy?'
  8. assist to put on non-skid footwear, sweater if needed
  9. apply gait belt
  10. verbalize procedure to patient and assure understanding
  11. properly raise patient to standing position (bracing knees, blocking the feet - counting 1-2-3, patient pushes up on mattress)
  12. pivot patient and help to sit in wheelchair, lowering gently
  13. check patient's comfort and body alignment, re-apply footplates or swing into position. remove gait belt
  14. Unlock wheelchair, open curtain and move as necessary
  15. Wash hands

Testing Checklist:

  • Did candidate position wheelchair correctly before sitting patient up?
  • Lock wheelchair before transfer?
  • Remove footplates before transfer?
  • Place non-skid footwear on patient before transfer?
  • Provide support to assist patient to sitting on side of bed?
  • Apply gait belt correctly?
  • Ensure patient╬Ú╬¸s feet are flat on floor before beginning transfer?
  • Assist in transfer correctly (pivot while bracing pt. legs, holding gait belt)?
  • Maintain own body mechanics?
  • Lower to wheelchair controlled and gentle?
  • Position resident in proper body alignment in wheelchair?
  • Place resident╬Ú╬¸s feet on footplates?
  • Remove gait belt?
  • Wash hands before and after?


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