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Supplies needed:

  1. gloves


  1. Knock, greet resident by name and introduce self and title. Explain intended procedure and ask permission.
  2. Excuse self to wash hands and gather supplies. Give call button.
  3. Simulate hand wash and gather supplies.
    • Upper Body:
      1. Begin with shoulder (3)
        Verbalize: abduction, adduction (out to side 90o & back)
        Flex and extend (up & down, beside ear)
        Bend at elbow and rotate shoulder as arm rolls forward & back
      2. Elbow (1)
        Verbalize: flex and extend (arm curls)
      3. Wrist (3)
        Verbalize: abduction, adduction (side to side)
        Flex and extend (forward and back)
        Circular rotation
      4. Fingers (3)
        Verbalize: flex and extend (fingers up and down all together)
        Abduction, adduction (separate fingers)
        Thumb: circular rotation
        Touch each finger to thumb
    • Lower Body:
      1. Uncover one leg - check pt's warmth and comfort
      2. Begin with hip (3)
        Verbalize: abduction, adduction (out to side 90o & back)
        Tortilla roll hip
        Bend at knee and push foot up towards hip
      3. 2. Ankle (3)
        Verbalize: flex and extend (toes up and down)
        Abduction, adduction (ankle side to side)
        Circular rotation

Testing Checklist:

  • Did candidate check comfort level?
  • Control and support the extremity?
  • Use slow, smooth, non-forced movements?
  • Provide 3 repetitions of each exercise?


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