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The handwashing skill is requried for any other skill.

Supplies needed:

  1. Soap
  2. Papertowels
  3. Wastebasket


  1. Push your watch and sleeves up your arm 4-5 inches.
  2. Stand away from the sink so your clothes do not touch the sink. Do not touch the inside of the sink at any time.
  3. Turn on water and adjust temp.
  4. Keep hands below wrists.
  5. Apply soap, interlace fingers and lather 10-15 seconds
  6. Rub fingertips in palms to clean fingernails
  7. Rinse well.
  8. Dry hands starting at fingertips, 'Candy-cane', throw away paper towel
  9. With a new paper towel, turn off faucet and then throw away paper towel.

Hand washing and cleaning underneath nails w/ and orange stick and filing nails smooth should be done first thing of the day. Subsequent washings will not include orange stick or nail file.

Testing Checklist:

  • Does candidate: work up lather cleansing front and back of hands, between fingers, around cuticles, under nails & one hands-width up the wrist?
  • Provide cleansing friction for minimum 10 seconds?
  • Keep hands lower than wrists?
  • Dry hands w/ paper towel and limit contact of towel to cleansed skin surfaces?
  • Turn off water with paper towel and dispose of paper towel?
  • Complete task without contaminating hands, such as against the sink?


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