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Supplies needed:

  1. gloves
  2. kidney basin (marked for oral use)
  3. toothbrush/ paste
  4. 3 sponge swabs
  5. water glass w/ water
  6. washcloth for wiping patient's mouth
  7. shirt protector
  8. hand towel (to cover table top)


  1. Knock, greet resident by name and introduce self and title. Explain intended procedure and ask permission.
  2. Excuse self to wash hands and gather supplies. Give call button.
  3. Simulate hand wash and gather supplies
  4. Knock, greet resident by name
  5. Set up table, cover with towel and lay supplies down
  6. apply gloves
    1. take dentures, toothbrush, toothpaste and excuse self to go scrub dentures - give call button
    2. line sink with paper towels
    3. remove dentures from cup, place in lid, rinse cup and refill with cool water
    4. apply toothpaste to toothbrush and brush dentures, rinse well and place in clean denture cup
    5. remove gloves
    6. gather supplies and return to room
  7. Knock, greet resident by name
  8. Place dentures, toothbrush and toothpaste in side table
  10. Raise the head of the bed to 45o, adjusting the bed height as needed
  11. Place shirt protector on patient
  12. Offer water to drink before beginning
  13. Open and moisten mouth swabs w/ water
  14. Swab #1 - Begin on Rt. side, swab top towards back corner and down to bottom side finishing with forward motion
  15. Swab #2 - Begin on Lt. side, swab top towards back corner and down to bottom side finishing with forward motion
  16. Swab #3 - swab tongue
  17. Offer patient opportunity to rinse and spit in kidney basin as needed
  18. wipe patient's mouth - leave clean and dry.
  19. remove shirt protector
  20. reposition pt. to sitting or lying as desired
  21. gather supplies
  22. pretty beds, lower beds, call bell, check comfort, open curtain
  23. dispose of dirty linens, etc., disinfect kidney basin
  24. remove gloves and wash hands

Testing Checklist:

  • Did candidate line sink w/ paper towels?
  • use cool water to scrub dentures?
  • Rinse well after scrubbing?
  • Store dentures in cup w/ water?
  • Protect pt. clothing?
  • Swab pt. mouth?
  • Offer water to rinse and spit?
  • Leave pt. mouth/face clean dry?
  • Clean and store equipment correctly, leaving pt. room tidy?
  • Wash hands before and after?


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