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Supplies needed:

  1. Gloves
  2. Fitted sheet & flat sheet
  3. Pillow case
  4. Towel (to cover table top)


  1. Knock, greet resident by name and introduce self and title. Explain intended procedure and ask permission.
  2. Excuse self to wash hands and gather supplies. Give call button.
  3. Simulate hand wash and gather supplies
  4. Knock, greet resident by name
  5. Set up table, cover with towel and lay supplies down
  7. Adjust bed height as needed
  8. Begin by removing upper and lower corners of the fitted sheet and tucking under pt.
  9. Place new fitted sheet on corners and tuck underneath patient
    -do the same with the mattress pad or draw sheet if required
  10. Place new flat sheet lengthwise with fold up on patient's Rt. side
  11. Move to opposite side of the bed, carefully roll patient away from you to expose and pull out the dirty linens (rolling to the bottom of the bed)
  12. (keeping patient covered) pull the clean linens from under the patient and roll patient back down to supine. - no wrinkles under patient!
  13. Place new fitted sheet on corners of bed
  14. Reach over patient to the Rt. side and grab the fold of the new flat sheet along with the edge of the old flat sheet. Pull the new flat sheet across the patient (removing the old flat sheet and applying the new flat sheet at the same time) Roll the old flat sheet to the bottom of the bed along with any other dirty linens. Tuck new sheets. Add blanket on top if required.
  15. Remove pillow from patient. Remove case and re-case. (Turning new case almost completely inside-out to place on the pillow) Return to beneath patient's head carefully lifting head. Be careful not to touch uniform.
  16. Remove dirty linens from bottom of bed and wrap in towel that was used on the side table. Keep away from your uniform.
  17. Lower bed, call bell, check comfort, open curtain
  18. Remove gloves, wash hands, dispose of dirty linens

Testing Checklist:

  • Did candidate position patient safely on side and non-working side of bed?
  • Roll dirty bottom linens and tuck under pt?
  • Assist patient in turning/rolling?
  • Are sheets secured?
  • Bottom sheet free of wrinkles?
  • Minimize exposure?
  • Allow for foot movement (not too tight?)
  • Replace pillowcase?
  • Wash hands before and after?


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