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Supplies needed:

  1. Stethoscope (dbl headed)
  2. B/P cuff
  3. Alcohol wipes
  4. pen/paper to record


  1. Knock, greet resident by name and introduce self and title. Explain intended procedure and ask permission.
  2. Excuse self to wash hands and gather supplies. Give call button.
  3. Simulate hand wash and gather supplies
  4. Knock, greet resident by name
  6. Pull chair and bedside table over and place items on tabletop خيخٌ not on bed.
  7. Raise head of bed to semi-fowlers, adjust table height as needed.
    -Patient should be able to rest arm comfortably on the side table.
  8. Wash ear pieces and diaphragm of stethoscope w/ alcohol
  9. Listen for point pulse last heard/felt +30 (fully deflate) Then measure Blood Pressure.
  10. Re-wash ear pieces and diaphragm of stethoscope w/ alcohol
  11. Pretty beds, lower beds, call bell, check comfort, open curtain
  12. Properly record

Testing Checklist:

  • Did candidate inflate cuff only 30mm past point pulse last heard?
  • Control slow deflation of cuff?
  • Record properly w/in 4mm of CSO?
  • Clean earpieces & diaphragm of stethoscope w/ alcohol wipe?
  • Wash hands before and after?


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